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We believe churches need Consultants who have been in their shoes, understand the challenges, and see the opportunities..

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The Revolution Podcast

Join Pastors’ Blair Blakeslee and Danny Miller, from either side of ‘the pond’, together they bring you a podcast filled with testimonies, teaching, current issues facing both nations and encouragement. These are episodes of Hope and inspiration. Welcome to The Revolution Podcast!

Life Coach

With over twenty years experience in church leadership, along with a Master’s in Missional Leadership and an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching with Distinction, Danny offers a unique service and support to individuals serving across the Body of Christ. In whatever leadership or responsible capacity, Danny is on hand to listen, and walk with you on this leadership path.

Danny Miller

Danny pastor’s Southampton Elim Church on the south coast of Britain. He is a seasoned traveller having spoken in over fifteen nations. Danny has served in pastoral leadership in the UK and USA, UK missions director, researcher, pastoral mentor, author and trainer with the AoG GB. He holds an MA in Missional Leadership, Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching and a bible graduate. He has a gift for teaching and training along with a passion to see those around him fulfil all that God has for them.
Danny has been married for over twenty years and together they have two teenage daughters.
His favourite scripture is Micah 6:8.

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